Quilting Services

Here are some of my general prices for finishing a quilt top. These are just an estimate a final cost will be determined after I have evaluated your project. The cost for quilting may be slightly higher or lower depending on your particular job.

Please call or email me with any questions or to set up a time to drop your quilt off.

Finish quilting Pricing

Basting- $0.008 per sq inch

All over edge-to-edge of average density, includes simple meander,swirls,
and simple straight line etc........................................................... 1.5 cents/sq. inch

Edge to Edge With Borders
Basic edge-to-edge within simple outside border pattern of average density
including more complex straight-line.................................................2.0 cents per sq. inch

Complex Blocks and Borders
: Individual block patterns combined with
simple borders Heavy Density......................................................3.0-7.0 cents per sq. inch

Pricing example
The cost of quilting is determined by the size of the quilt in square inch. Multiply the width by the length. Equals the number of square inches. Multiply the number of square inches by the chosen stitching method.

Example; A quilt measuring 85" x 100"= 8500 Square Inches.

Basting- $68.00
All Over- $127.00
Edge to Edge with Borders- $170.00
Complex Heavy Density- $255.00-595.00

*Quilt backings and batting must be 4" larger than the quilt top on all four sides. Please piece and press quilt backs before sending them.

*I trim away all excess backing and batting when machine quilting is completed. If you would like me to leave it untrimmed please specify when sending your quilt.

Finished Binding Supplied (you supply the fabric)14 cents per linear inch

I will cut and create the binding then machine stitch it to the front of the quilt and then hand stitch to the
Please do not cut the binding send me the material that is required and I will cut it.

I can supply the backing and batting for an additional cost of $8.95 per yard

Turnaround time for Quilt Finishing is approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Under the heading Restoration there are 2 definitions:

I only do Quilt Repair Quilt Conservation should be done by a professional conservator.

Quilt Repair
A quilt is restored as closely as possible to its original state by replacing or fixing damaged or worn places. A quilt that is lovingly and thoughtfully repaired adds another chapter and another set of hands to its story. It's a good idea to keep a record of the repairs so that future owners can understand the quilt's history.
Repair lessens the historical integrity of the piece, i.e. a repaired quilt is no longer exactly the antique it once was. And importantly, repair can be dangerous to the future life of the quilt. By definition, "repair" makes an object useful again. And putting a quilt back into the context of use that has already damaged it can only mean that the wear process will continue on the next set of weaker fabrics. It's important to understand that a repaired quilt is not as-good-as-new, but is still an antique with lots of weak fabrics.

• Quilt repair is tedious business. This varies from quilt to quilt according to the project and how you will use the quilt in the future. A finished quilt may require taking the whole quilt apart replacing the old batting and possibly the backing. Mending all the tears, holes, seams etc.. then putting it all back together. While an unfinished top can be mended then quilted.
In most instances the quilt will need to be stabilized either with a very light stabilizer or muslin to give the fabric the necessary structural support.

Quilt Conservation

. Conservation processes protect and keep even the worn places, as part of the quilt's history. Conservation processes take into consideration, not the short term use of a quilt by the current owner, but the preservation of the quilt as an historical document, the maintenance of the quilt into the centuries ahead.

I do not do Quilt Conservation I can only do Quilt Repair. Quilt Conservation should be done by a professional conservator.

Prices for Restoring your quilt will be decided after I have seen the project. A free estimate is available for all projects.

Turnaround time for Quilt Repair is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

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